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07 Dec, 2015

Kankudibi Health Clinic @ Bakang.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Hon Omar Sey, made his first official visit to the Kankudibi Health Clinic this Spring. Photos and report on the PROJECT page.

Nawally Skill Centre @ Bakang.

Following the production of plans and agreement of costings, work has started on the construction of the building. Report and photos on the CULTURE page.

Bakang / Karantaba Lower Basic Primary School.

Headmaster's report on school maintenance, pupil numbers, and school garden. Report on EDUCATION page.

09 Jan, 2015

Saturday 8th November 2014 was the BIG DAY when we gave the Kankudibi Health Clinic to the Government of The Republic of The Gambia.

Report of the event and photos are on the PROJECT page.

Health Clinic Usage.

Now this clinic is providing a Health Service to 10 villages.

Health Clinic Ambulance.

This vehicle has been used on 15 occasions to bring sick / injured patients to the clinic during the past 5 months.

Bakang / Karantaba L.B.Primary School.

A new Head Master Mr Momodou Gaye, has been appointed. He took up his position at the start of the Autumn term. There is also a new Deputy Head,Mr Almamy Susso. Photo and report on the EDUCATION page.

Perimeter Fence.

This fence has now been built around the school. Details and photos are on the EDUCATION page.

Enlarged School Garden.

Now the perimeter fence has been built there is extra space to enlarge the school vegetable garden. The whole area is now protected from wandering livestock. Photos on the EDUCATION page.

Ladies Group at Bakang request a Skill Centre.

More information on the CULTURE page.

Staff Kitchen.

This has now been completed and is in regular use.

25 May, 2014

Just out – hot off the press !!!

Hand over date for Kankudibi Health Clinic confirmed by Health Minister:

Saturday 8th November 2014

Health Clinic Usage

Getting busier by the day – more info on PROJECT page. [before staff accommodation]

Staff Kitchen

This is almost completed. More info on PROJECT page [bottom of Staff Accom'o [photos]

Health Clinic – Ambulance

The ambulance has now been delivered to the Kankudibi Health Clinic. [Details and photos on PROJECT page]

Karantaba Ladies Group

Following the request from the ladies group, material was bought and a set of matching dresses made. They requested these dresses so that they can wear them on special occasions when welcoming guests to the school, weddings and naming ceremonies in the village. [Photos & Script on CULTURE page]

Parcels for Children @ Karantaba L B Primary School

The parcels from children at Hallam Fields Junior School, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, have been delivered. [Script & Photos on EDUCATION page]

Bakang / Karantaba LB Primary School – Perimeter Fence

Work is to start in May to build the perimeter fence around the school. [More details and sketched plan on EDUCATION page]

Sports Kit Presentation

Invited to Gambia's main sport stadium at Bakau for the handover of the 2 x sets of football kit requested by Amadou Khan MP for two teams at Kuntair, in the Jokadu District. [Script & Photos on CULTURE page]

15 Feb, 2014


Last Autumn the head nurse, Awa Bojang, at our Kankudibi Health Clinic was moved, by the government, to the hospital at Esseau, close to the port of Bara. She was replaced, so we still have 3 nurses and 1 midwife at the clinic.

Staff Kitchen

Following a request by the nursing staff work is to start to build a communal kitchen in the grounds of the clinic. [Awaiting photos]

Karantaba Ladies Group

Following the request from the ladies group, material has been bought so that a set of matching dresses can be made. They requested these dresses so that they can wear them on special occasions when welcoming guests to the Health Clinic, the school and weddings etc in the village. [Awaiting photos]

Health Clinic Ambulance

Recently a HANMAG F 46 [Benz 508D] vehicle was given to us by THE PASS IT FORWARD FOUNDATION. The presentation was made to Lamin Jarjou, on behalf of the JDD FUND, by Mawdo Malick John. This vehicle has now been converted to be used as an ambulance based at the Kankudibi Health Clinic @ Bakang. [Awaiting photos]

Quality Linen for the Clinic

Mr Gerard Lombardo, General Manager of Kairaba Beach Hotel, has very kindly donated a quantity of surplus materials to the Kankudibi Health Clinic. Amoungst  these materials are: towels, pillows, pillow cases, bath towels, duvet covers, bath robes, to mention a few. These will be most welcome in the Health Clinic.

Parcels for Children @ Karantaba L B P School

On 16th January we delivered 50+ shoe boxes, filled with gifts from children @ Hallam Fields Junior School, Ilkeston, Derby, to Wynot Ltd ; Exeter. They were then loaded into a container for onward transport to children @ Karantaba Lower Basic Primary School, Jokadu District, North Bank, The Gambia. We will collect these boxes, from the docks, and take them the school, on our next visit, 1st week of April 2014. [ More news and photos on our return]

07 Jan, 2013


The Head Nurse, Awa Bojang, had her second baby in November – a girl. Both Mum and baby are well.

The Midwife, Aja Bojang, had her first baby – a boy, in November. Both are doing well.


Repairs to the school library have been completed. [photo]

New floor and desk tops in the Nursery Classroom. [photo]

Display boards are attached to the classroom walls and a lockable cupboard placed in each room. [photos]

New filing cabinet and floor cupboard in Head Master's office. [photo]

Staff Accommodation

Solar Power now up and running. [photos]

Kankudibi Health Clinic

Nurse at work. [photo]

Bougainvillea taking over! [photos]