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25 Sep, 2012


The head Nurse, Awa Bojang, is expecting her second baby in November. Her first child, a boy, attends Karantaba School Nursery class.

The Midwife, Aja Bojang, is expecting a baby, also in November.

Massaneh Camara and Mama Sima, who qualified as S. E. N. Nurses in February, and started work in the clinic in March, have settled down well and are very pleased with their working conditions. [Photo]

Kankudibi Health Clinic.

With the 'rainy' season now in full swing the clinic is getting busy. Malaria will be to the fore in Oct/November.

Clinic staff on parade. [Photo]

Water – Borehole.

There have been problems with the water supply to the clinic. [Water-Borehole]

Staff Accommodation.

It has been decided to provide a separate Solar Power Supply to the Staff Accommodation and the Utility Building. [Staff Accommodation]

17 Mar, 2012

Health Clinic

Groundsman, Lamin Yaiya Jarju, continues to impress. Photos.

Clinic going from strength to strength.

New midwife at the clinic.

Chief Nursing Officer visits KANKUDIBI HEALTH CLINIC. Photo.

Need for more Solar Panels

New hand carved sign on the outside wall. Photo.


Trainee nurses now qualified and working @ KANKUDIBI HEALTH CLINIC. Photo.


New Headmaster and new staff @ Bakang/Karantaba Lower Basic Primary School.

Children delighted with XMAS BOXES. Photos.

School garden looking very good. Photos

More beehives and bees planned.

Plan to revamp the school library.

Request for fencing/wall around the whole school. Photo

14 Jul, 2011

Groundsman, Lamin Yaiya Jarju, continues to impress.

Perimeter fence adds the final touch.

Clinic going from strength to strength.

New midwife in charge of the clinic.

Plans afoot to computerise client information.

World shortage of snake serum of serious concern.

Another meeting with the Vice President of The Gambia.

Further information on the above headlines can be found on the PROJECT page.


Trainee nurses now into final year of their course.


W.H.O. diverts school food to more urgent areas of need.

01 Nov, 2010

Perimeter fence, around the whole complex, is now completed.

Groundsman transforms clinic site.

Main gate and rear gate now in place.

"Barkers Store" now built.

Additional water supply.

Government moves head nurse.

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25 Aug, 2010

Peak District teenager David Cook was back at his Baslow home this week savouring the delights of his mum’s cooking and the luxury of his own bed after a five-month, 10,000-mile gruelling charity cycle-ride through most of Europe.

And as he relaxed with family and friends, the 19-year-old former Lady Manners School student admitted: "It's great to be home. It feels weird after living by the roadside for so long. My cooking on tour almost finished us off and living in a tent by the side of the road all those months has certainly taken away the novelty of camping but I've learned a lot about myself, other people and their cultures, the value of a supportive family - and the benefits of being English."